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Get to Know Special Uninstaller

Powerful Uninstaller for Windows

Special Uninstaller is a handy helper to remove programs and track down their leftovers hidden deeply. If there is any program you don't even want in the first place or no longer need, and you find then hard to wipe out somehow, just turn to Special Uninstaller. Our product provides you with the most clear, effective and efficient way to clean your system, as well as a 24/7 customer service team to work out solutions for you. How to the magic happens? Scroll down to find out.

How to install Special Uninstaller?

1. Download and double-click the installer

2. Click Next to start the installation

3. Read the License Agreement, check the option I accept the agreement and click Next

4. Choose a location you would like to install Special Uninstaller, and click Next to confirm

5. Choose how you want Special Uninstaller to launch, and click Next to confirm

6. Click Install to install it, and the process shall finish within a few seconds

7. Check the option “Launch Special Uninstaller” if you want it to open right away, and click Finish to quit the installer.

How to register Special Uninstaller?

1. Launch Special Uninstaller, and click Register

2. Copy the license key we send to your registration email, paste it to the box, and click Register.

How to uninstall a program using Special Uninstaller?

1. Launch Special Uninstaller, and select the program you want to remove

2. Click Run Uninstaller

3. Follow the prompts to proceed with the removal.

4. Once it finishes scanning all the related files, click Scan Leftovers

5. Keep all the files and vestiges checked, and click Delete Leftovers

6. Click Back to refresh the list, see if you target has gone. Then you may move on to uninstall another.

For further assistance, feel free to contact us via [email protected]

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